Over me, Cascade.

A million days, a million nights, 

A hundred thousand beautiful sights.

Counting days, counting hours, 

Indulging in our lowest devours.

Walking hand in hand, kissing like there’s no tomorrow,

sadly we didn’t know, here’s where the world ends, drenched in our own sorrow.

Hands shake, acquaintances made, laughs shared and bodies collide,

in a world of nightly encounters, we thought we were Bonnie and Clyde.

Unsolved mysteries, endless tears, mental trauma and madness hither,

sitting on the verge of our souls, in my hand a knife and yours, a cither.

Guess our intentions were divergent, only our bodies complied,

before the sun divorced the darkness, my dark side got you crucified. 

Gently as i kissed you on the forehead one last time, to see if you had left the realm or were still on the same as mine,

while you lived on and continued to take the spotlight, oh love, how could I shine?

That night broke me, murdering my own man,

weeping, drowning in your blood, engulfed in my demons, suffocating on your incandescent smile playing in my mind, 

my darling, you and I, every kiss, every moment, every talk, was timed.

As I go, as i run away from the rancid smell, that leaves your body, from the hate that grows within me, for myself,

oh my my, dear Lord, help me amend my impulsive decisions,

make this wretched act of mine an elision.

Because as I leave this realm, eager to unite with my part time lover, to marry him, to feel every inch of him, free from human cold, and guilt of what i did to him,

I know I will never be able to hold him, for my fate is so grim.

So here’s to my man, here’s to whom I betrayed, 

as hell’s wrath and the devil’s fury does over me cascade.

Does over me, cascade…

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