You and I

It’s cold. the snow, the rain, the hail.

Where do we go?

Run into the woods? Run to the small shelter?

A bleak fire lit inside the cabin.

We ran hand in hand, I shivered but it wasn’t the cold.

Drenched in rain, clouds scattered across the sky, pouring heavily.

Nothing for the next 100 miles just you and I.

The faded scent of your perfume, mixed with the petrichor.

My small ukulele in one hand and your hand in the other, fingertips lighting up my skin with bumps.

Hungry souls, intertwined in a knot,

The cold weather was long forgotten and suddenly everything turned hot.

100 words. 20 sentences. 2 hearts beating.

So much to say, but your mere gaze did the work.

With the rain, was another salty substance mixed, as the candle lit, and the fire went out, it escaped your hazel eyes.

You held me, closer than ever. I could hear your breath. Everything was lost in that moment, just you and I.

I drowned in the ocean inside your eyes. devoured every bit of you and kept that little strand of hair away from your temple.

I felt like a helpless little child,

your skin was whiskey, definitely not mild.

The sun rose, the rain stopped, and you faded away,

I couldn’t speak, everything froze,

when from my unfortunate bed, I rose.

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