I should’ve.

I should’ve hugged you a bit longer.  I should’ve kissed your delicate lips for a few more seconds.  I should’ve comforted you more than I think I did.  I should’ve kept your tee on all the time.  I should’ve bought your perfume and sprayed it all over my clothes.  I should’ve held your hand moreContinue reading “I should’ve.”

A Stolen Body

A world left behind a world entered. Who knew time could play tricks on my fragile little mind? Be careful, stay strong, you’re about to enter a world, self – centred. People aren’t exactly known to be concerned and kind.  You’ll find some exceptions, a bunch defying the injected serum, keep them close, let yourContinue reading “A Stolen Body”

Hi, mom.

Hi mom. It’s getting heavy.  I don’t think anyone understands me anymore.  They ask me: “so, who’s your new best friend?” Mom, it’s still her, the one who gifted me life that’s a blur.  It’s still the intricate hearted girl that once cared too deeply, and today, hates equally deep. I’m on a foreign landContinue reading “Hi, mom.”