Into the Moors

Safe haven. I resided, I believed.

mistaken or disappointed?

This is getting worse. I am unable to breathe.

A cold wave hits the shore but I crave warmth.

Lights fade, visions blurred, stars fall.

out for help, and in desperation, to you i call.

Follow me into the cave. intrigued emotions, disappearing faces.

Let me be a step ahead, but I am afraid when I look back you’ll be long gone, 

the tide carries me to atlantis, but i snap out and it’s already dawn.

Weaklings suffer, die and disintegrate, strongest survive, adapt and stay.

what hogwash hath someone said.

If more, the weaklings survive and the strongest evaporate,

sluggishly withdrawal occurs and life inside me hankering to abate.

Into the moors calling to me, the wolves howling in the wind. 

everything seems different, the air is grey, in its voice, retaliating to threats and screams.

Of you, of me, of us, of our past,

a rumbling gamble in our fate shall never last.

Lilies scathed, thunder rumbling, sky cries.

Your own burnt epitaph scrapes out vulnerable lies.

Forgive the sinned, forgive the unamused.

Regardless of your existence, this world shall continue.

Birds shall chirp, skies shall cry, thunder shall destroy any evidence of you,

for today, tears and blood shall mix in the inside of the most shrewd jew.


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